About us !

We are a team of dedicated creatives, specialising in spray can art for more than 20 years.

We have an impressive portfolio of high quality art work, and we pride ourselves in painting anything and everything !

We work for clients locally and internationally. 


Get a quote !



What we need are three things !

Your location ?

A photo of the wall ?

A description of what you might like painting ?

Email these things to us and we'll get a quote straight back to you !

When you get in touch with us we'll normally ask you questions about the job

! so we can accurately quote you for the work


The more info you give us the better !


If you can send pictures to help us, that will always speed up communication between us both !

Pictures, rough wall size, location, time scale, are most important !

We can usually quote a job by email, but at times a visit to your premises may be needed !


All jobs differ, and some may require us to prepare a design or mock up before we commence work on the final wall mural.

Larger scale mural projects may also require a deposit for materials or design fee !

Bedrooms and home paintings can usually be done in a day !


We work, weekends, nights, christmas day, we work around you !


We are super clean, tidy and efficient at our work, we always bring protection for any surrounding areas we will be working in, and take time to prepare and clean our working environment before and after use !








We are trained graphic designers, which means we can be in full control of all projects start to finish. From design concepts, to a whole new look for your business, logos, graphics and murals.


*Graphic design


*Graffiti Workshops

*Bedroom murals

*Interior Murals for Business

*Exteror Murals for Business

*School Murals and lessons

*Promotional event murals


*Canvas paintings

*Weddings, Occassion Artworks

*Art Installations

*Rock Climbing Walls

*Theatre and Set Art 

*Regeneration Murals 


Clients Past and Present



Know How (Dixons, Converse,

BBC Earth, Channel4, ITV,

Birmingham City Council, Marketing Sheffield, Sheffield city Council,

UGG Australia,

Picses Catalog

Mockrock Climbing walls,

ION Sports camera, 

Sheffield University,

TOMS shoes USA,

Windsor and Newton,


Liquitex, Snazaroo,

Brugal Rum

Gadget Show,